Victoria’s data-driven decision making process is too reactive.

Apparently, Victoria’s second wave is not under control yet. The daily record shows that the spread of the virus is still accelerating slowly.

We have suggested in many occasions during and just after the first wave, including writing to the parliament members, that the government needs to establish a strong preventive method to deal with the unavoidable outbreaks after the first wave. Those preventive method should cover workplaces, homes, and communities. 

By listening to Victoria Premier’s daily press conference, and by investigating the government’s safety measures for workplaces and homes, it is apparent that the government’s approach is still overall reactive.

Government’s decision making is based on data. Even though Victorian government has deployed massive preventive testing force, the collected data can be potentially 3 weeks behind the virus has spread around. It means that the decision made based on those data can be always behind the game, which gives virus chance to infect more people.

Victoria does not need to go into New Zealand style Stage 4 restrictions if the following can be done

1. Enhance the work safe environment by deploying testing, cleaning and monitoring resource to each workplace. The officer in effective control to be responsible for virus-free work environment.

2. The stage 3 restriction orders need to be reinforced by significantly increasing the penalties or made compulsory.

3. Testing force needs to be deployed to every managable local area to pick out those infected. This testing activity needs to be consistent and continuous until the numbers come down.

4. Create a list of sensitive venues/areas that only test-negative people can access. Certain businesses need to be shut down.

Even though the numbers are daunting, we still believe there is a chance to contain the spread of the virus in a number of weeks.

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