Our Vision

To be Melbourne’s most trusted resource for real estate research, analysis and solutions.

Real Estate Logic is a one-stop shop for information, knowledge, strategy and skills that are needed to grow wealth through property investment in the fast moving property market. Clients always find our work to be quality, objective and effective.

Property investment, especially in the Melbourne property market, is a great way to protect and grow your wealth. A good strategy certainly produces good investment return. However, quite often, property investors make biased, suboptimal or even inferior decisions which leads to average or even poor investment performance. Real Estate Logic works with our clients to improve their property investment decision making. 

Real Estate Logic is a privately owned research institute founded to share the intelligence, research results and insights into Melbourne’s residential property market. The team itself has experienced selling residential properties in Melbourne, especially in the eastern corridor. We therefore have access to the first-hand information of the property market. Drawing from our fields of academia, research and consulting, We have developed a unique skill set together with a powerful information platform to analyse the property market, and to design the most effective strategies to achieve our clients’ real estate goals.

To create value for the industry, Real Estate Logic commits to investigate the most important issues in the industry. The insights and solutions produced by Real Estate Logic are fueled by thorough evidence, strongest research methods, and best practice in the industry. The results benefit a large clientele by helping them make informed decisions, identify opportunities in the fast moving property market, design strategies, etc. Our clientele includes family home buyers, real estate agencies, property investors, property fund managers, developers, government agencies, property sellers, etc. Real Estate Logic is also a think tank for the real estate industry. Our access to expertise from both inside and outside of the organisation enables us to tackle the most pressing challenges in the industry by innovative thinking.

Real Estate Logic welcomes your constructive input.

We are recruiting

Sales representative

  • Lead generation and prospecting
  • Promoting Real Estate Logic services
  • Book consultation appointments
  • Customer relationship management.

Marketing assistant

  • Assisting with development of company CRM system
  • Development of Sales Brochures, Presentations, Monthly Promotions
  • Maintaining marketing material library
  • Website, social media management
  • Develop, execute and analyse marketing campaigns and promotions.


  • English to Chinese translation
  • Reliable, on-time, high quality delivery is crucial.