Australian Government has launched the National Coronavirus Campaign as part of the effort to contain this pandemic in Australia. 

According to the numbers recorded in other western countries (regions), the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is increasing at a similar rate of about 33% per day. It is likely that the situation in Australia will not be much better than this if Australian do not strictly control their personal distance from others or apply good hygiene to everyday life.

Real estate agents rely on interacting with people to win business and to manage property transactions. Before the government imposing complete country lockdown, It is critical that they exercise a high level prudence at their work to help contain the Coronavirus. 

Real estate agents need to be creative in finding the solutions to meet their clients’ needs and to create a safe work environment. The most important changes that agents need to make are no doubt the practices at Open For Inspections. Here are some advice:

1. Limit the number of people going through the property at the same time by giving each group separate time slot; 

2. Make sure the properties are well ventilated;

3. Keep safe distance (1.5m) from potential purchasers;

4. Display the Coronavirus campaign print ads, and prepare hand sanitiser. 

As an agency, we have adopted the above measures in our practices.

There are far more can be done in order to make a pleasant safe Open For Inspection for potential purchasers.

Coronavirus – print ads – Simple steps to stop the spread

Coronavirus – print ads – Good hygiene is in your hands

Do you have more ideas? We look forward to working with you to improve the best practice during the Coronavirus outbreak (