Uncertain vs unknown

In information theory, something uncertain means something that we do not have certain knowledge of or can not be deterministically defined/identified.  Often, uncertainty is described by probability. The probability can be known or unknown. The probability can be knowable or unknownable. 

In the process of a propery transaction, there are uncertainties with the process. Some elements are unknown but knownable. The performance of the AI platform is dependent on how well the platform deals with the uncertain and the unknown.

A new framework is developed to handle the uncertain and the unknown

In the previous stage of the project, we built up the self-learning capacity of the platform. The platform is capable of learning the best stategy. To achieve this, the platform needs to be fed with a significantly amout of data as the learning experience. When the data set is small and limited, a new framework is developed to produce the best insight for decision making. A new machine learning algorithm is the core of the framework.

The new framework completes RE Logic’s AI platform, so that it is able to deal with most of the real life scenarios.  We endeavour to launch the AI platform to the market in early 2021.

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