The property market is not easy to predict

The property market is a complex system with a daunting amount of information affecting its evolution. A traditional prediction framework, which is based on the university-taught economy theory, does not work well in practice (“The forecasts and the media are causing turmoil“). The fact that lots of the predictions provided by major institutions often “miss the target” suggests that there are still something to learn for better prediction. 

Machine learning is a good complement to the traditional prediction framework

Over the past a few years, machine learning has had numerous remarkable applications in many industries. It often produces insights or generates new knowledge that supprises human. Machine learning is able to learn from the experience (data) or interpret the data outside the square. This makes it a great complement to the traditional prediction framework.

RE Logic embarks on machine learning enhanced market prediction 

A better understanding of the property market leads to a better strategy for selling, investment, buying, design, etc. RE Logic operates a data platform to analyse the property market. Given our promising progress in applying artificial intelligence to property transaction process, RE Logic is now exploring machine learning methods to improve our data platform for better property market prediction. We expect to produce insights that are easily understandable, valuable and practical. 

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