Here is another milestone for Ezy Bid. After a full-service cycle, Ezy Bid successfully secured a deal for our client. The journey started from signing a sales authority remotely and digitally, inspections were conducted by our agents, multiple offers signed digitally and remotely on Ezy Bid, negotiation conducted through Ezy Bid platform, finally the Contract of Sale was executed and exchanged remotely.

This is the first time that Ezy Bid completes a full cycle sales process. This might be the first time in Australia’s history that a property was sold on an intelligent digital platform designed for real estate transactions. It also presents the shift of real estate transactions from the traditional human agent centred process to the new AI-driven process.

Only some of the tools were used to complete the sales process. We will continue expanding the capacity of the platform. We will continue pushing the boundaries to make profound improvements to the real estate industry.

To have more details of the sale, please contact us by email