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Providing sufficient yet affordable housing to the residents has always been a core issue for a country.

Property market is an integral part of the economy at both national and international scale. It interacts with other sectors of the economy. As the economy evolves, the property market reforms and reshapes in its own way however yet based on the performance of the overall economy.

The change of rules or policies, e.g. immigration policy, taxation rules, monetary and fiscal policies, can have significant impact on the economy therefore the property market.

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Property market is susceptible to the changes of economy and policy. It is important for the property market participants to understand the impacts on the market and how. The following tasks need to be carried out on a regular basis to support quality decision making:

  • Monitor the overall economy and policy environment
  • Investigate the evolving interaction between the property market and other sectors of the economy
  • Assess the impacts of policy changes on the property market.