Progress on RE Logic’s AI negotiation platform

Nobel Prize committee recognises the importance of auction strategy The 2020 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to two professors for their contribution in auction theory. This shows how important an effective auction strategy is for a business transaction, which is an integral part of the world’s economy. While the two professors focus on the […]

The Property Market Is More Apt to AI Negotiation – The Art of Deal to Be Reinvented.

What is AI negotiation AI (Artificial Intelligence) is any entity/machine which is able to observe and sense the environment to make decisions in order to achieve its goals. The counter part of AI is natural intelligence, more specifically human intelligence. AI negotiation is a machine or mechanism that negotiates with human or other machines in […]

RE Logic Restructuring to be More Focused and Stronger.

Since the founding of Real Estate Logic in 2019, we have been serving our clients with great knowledge and skills, best endeavour, best attitude and strong loyalty. Results that we delivered for clients are often enviable. Our competition comes from national or international level. Even though being a small company, we are able to achieve […]

Victoria’s Method to Tackle the Virus Is Still Too Reactive.

Victoria’s data-driven decision making process is too reactive. Apparently, Victoria’s second wave is not under control yet. The daily record shows that the spread of the virus is still accelerating slowly. We have suggested in many occasions during and just after the first wave, including writing to the parliament members, that the government needs to […]

The Australian Property Market during the Pandemic

Market is doom and gloom Both the residential and commercial property sectors are going through a gloomy moment.  We have seen retail property market declining in general since 2015 due to the change of business models and more customers going online. The Covid-19 certainly has put further pressure on this sector. The hotel and hospitality property […]

Introducing RE Logic Virtual Reality Platform

RE Logic’s virtual reality platform is specifically designed for off-the-plan sales. The platform consists of the state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) equipment, 3D modeling software, other peripheral devices and a professional production team. The platform is operated under RE Logic’s standards and VR guidelines. Here is a very brief introduction to the platform/production process, which includes […]

Why Should VR Be Used in Off-the-Plan Sales

What is virtual reality Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience with a 3D environment created by digital technologies. The 3D environment can be from the real world or can be created purely by imagination. A critical element of VR is that the simulated experience needs to be immersive and real. This is the biggest […]

Australian Economy Is in Resession, So It Is with the Property Market.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, ABS has conducted a survey on the impact of the virus on Australian businesses. Results were released on 26th March 2020 (Figure 1 – 3). Based on survey results and the data that we have collected first hand, it is certain that the Australian economy is in recession. As a part […]

Real Estate Agents Need to Be Proactive during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Australian Government has launched the National Coronavirus Campaign as part of the effort to contain this pandemic in Australia.  According to the numbers recorded in other western countries (regions), the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is increasing at a similar rate of about 33% per day. It is likely that the situation in Australia will […]

Australia will Prove to Be the Lucky Country Again

Coronavirus is raging across the whole world Due to the nature of its geography and its connection with the rest of the world, the outbreak of Coronavirus started in Australia later than most of the developed countries. This gives Australia time and opportunity to learn the best strategies from the rest of the world to […]