Australia Is still Possible to Contain Covid-19 without Complete Shutdown

The world is going through the pandemic of Covid-19 at the moment. What is the best strategy to contain the spread of this virus? Quaratine and isolation Plague, epidemic occurs every a few decades in the past three centuries. An epidemic of SARS in 2003 resulted in more than 8000 cases. The pandemic of Covid-19 […]

Is this winter a good time to buy or sell?

From the discussion with sellers and buyers, there is an overall impression that the property market here in Melbourne is uncertain. It is true that buying or selling is more puzzling and technical this year than the past 5 years. Buyers are holding back due to concerns that the market may adjust further. Sellers are […]

Ezy Bid now has the first transaction under its belt

Here is another milestone for Ezy Bid. After a full-service cycle, Ezy Bid successfully secured a deal for our client. The journey started from signing a sales authority remotely and digitally, inspections were conducted by our agents, multiple offers signed digitally and remotely on Ezy Bid, negotiation conducted through Ezy Bid platform, finally the Contract […]

RE Logic’s AI Platform Is Now Able to Deal With Uncertain Weak Competition

Uncertain vs unknown In information theory, something uncertain means something that we do not have certain knowledge of or can not be deterministically defined/identified.  Often, uncertainty is described by probability. The probability can be known or unknown. The probability can be knowable or unknownable.  In the process of a propery transaction, there are uncertainties with […]

Comment on Australian property market in 2020, 2021 and beyond.

For Australian people, there is no better news than a clear national plan to reopen. It does not mean that the pandemic is over, or what will happen in 2022 is certain. It means that Australia has gone through the darkest moment and is now heading toward a better future. The plan gives the market […]

We are secured.

After several months’ hard coding, RE Logic has eventually developed its AI-powered online transaction platform to a state that can offer VIP clients trials.  As an essential security measure, the platform is now secured with SSL certificates. It means all the communications with clients are encrypted. In addition to this, the platform also adopted application-layer […]

RE Logic’s AI transaction platform going through intensive test

Our AI algorithms for online transactions were developped in 2020. To commercialise the invention, RE Logic has stumbled through the coding stage, now carrying out intensive test to ruggedise the platform.  In late 2019, company Real Time Agent, which specialises in digitising property transaction process, was acquired by Domain for over $20M. The three core […]

Property Market Prediction Enhanced by Machine Learning

The property market is not easy to predict The property market is a complex system with a daunting amount of information affecting its evolution. A traditional prediction framework, which is based on the university-taught economy theory, does not work well in practice (“The forecasts and the media are causing turmoil“). The fact that lots of […]