Coronavirus is raging across the whole world

Due to the nature of its geography and its connection with the rest of the world, the outbreak of Coronavirus started in Australia later than most of the developed countries. This gives Australia time and opportunity to learn the best strategies from the rest of the world to contain the spread. 

Australian government is doing a good job even though it is not perfect

Due to the advantages Australia possesses in population, medical systems and geography,  the challenge for the government to contain the outbreak while mitigating the damages to the economy is less than most of the developed countries. We have seen an overall tailored strategy being rolled out across the country, which includes some good practices from other countries. We are cautiously confident that this strategy will work for Australia and the outbreak will be sooner under control comparing with most countries. Australia does not need to do more shutdowns.

Australia is in a better position

The virus damages the whole world. It also restructures the world, changes the way people live and creates new opportunities.

Australia is known to be the lucky country for its resource, environment and culture. The businesses in Australia are well supported by the government, which means production will be  recovered quicker once the epidemic is over.  As the virus may cause shortage in food supply and other goods production for some countries, it is mostly likely that Australia will obtain a stronger position in this world reshuffle. 

What Australia needs to do

1. roll out a nationwide screening strategy.

2. roll out a nationwide preventive public health strategy against coronavirus.

3. when these two strategies are in place, restore and enhance the connection with the world.

4. attract more investment and immigrants.

5. provide more support for local businesses. 

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