Our Vision

To be Melbourne's most trusted resource for real estate research, analysis and solutions.

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Real Estate Logic is a research-based consulting firm, providing effective solutions to the major issues in the real estate industry.

Our mission is both simple and complex: we exist to help clients achieve their real estate goals through research, analysis and strategy execution. Real Estate Logic differs from the traditional real estate agency or property research institute. Our strategies are designed by the strongest research methods applied on the best available data. These strategies are then translated into actions by our firm yet adaptive execution program. Real Estate Logic is known by clients for our ability to deliver outstanding results.

Marketing assistant

  • Maintain CRM system
  • Develop sales brochures, presentations, monthly report
  • Maintain marketing material library
  • Manage website, social media
  • Develop, execute and analyse marketing campaigns.
Assistant Consultant

  • Lead generation and prospecting
  • Promote Real Estate Logic services
  • Book consultation appointments
  • Customer relationship management.

  • English to Chinese translation
  • Reliable, on-time, high quality delivery is crucial. 

Our consultants are both property research professionals and licensed estate agents. We stay at the frontline of the property market. Not only does this allow us to access the first-hand market information, but it also enables us to understand the information to a maximal extent.

Applying rigorous, fact-based research and analysis, we develop insights and strategies that are of exceptional value to our clients, Our clientele includes family home buyers, real estate agencies, property investors, property fund managers, developers, government agencies, property sellers, etc.

Real Estate Logic’s expertise of using research and analysis to solve real estate related problems began in the early years selling residential properties. Over the years, our expertise has expanded to the commercial and project sector. We have managed some of the most challenging transactions in the marketplace. Outstanding results, research-based approach and strong commitment to clients have gained us the reputation as a trusted advisor.